May 20 2017


Hilton London Canary Wharf


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4 Professional Speakers

2nd Annual Purposewalk Business and Transformation Conference

Saturday May 20 2017 (9am-7pm)

Hilton Canary Wharf London

Marsh Wall, London E14 9SH

Arrival Gateway: London Heathrow & Gatwick

General Admission: £27 | VIP Admission £147 Sold Out

Why You Should Be Interested In Purposewalk?

Purposewalk is a meeting of the minds for everyone that is interested in being adventurous and making change.  This is a platform for those that want to be game-changers, accelerate their vision in life and change your passion into your purpose. This is the one place that you want to be if you want to pinpoint the exact methods to achieve your personal success, be inspired, experience empowerment and transformation.

The goal of Purposewalk is to bring together those that want to know more about moving their lives forward, whether you are just starting a business, are in mid-stream or are filled with ideas and need to know the next steps. This is a place for exchanging ideas and sharing stories and to become motivated to achieve your dreams.

The importance of Purposewalk is based on the agenda and we have brought together some of the top speakers and motivators to share their knowledge and give you a unified voice.

Who Will Be Attending Purposewalk?

The easy answer is ‘everyone’….but especially:

*Entrepreneurs    *People Focused on their Image/Brand

*Women that want to share their stories and hear those of others

*Anyone that has the desire to move forward in life and experience transformation

*Those that want to become motivated in all aspects of life

*Social Enterprise   *Marketing Experts  *Salespeople

*Those Who Want To Change Financial Difficulties to Debt Free  *Event Planners

*Property/Real Estate   *Moving Soft Skills to Success *Consultants

*Potential Authors who want to use their books as a business platform

*Transition and start a legacy   *Those That Want to Network to reach high-paying clients

*Learning to bankroll your laptop and internet *Bloggers



If you are intrigued and feeling the buzz, read on:

The Excitement of this Powerful Event:

Your attendance at this incredible gathering will enable you to discover:

√ The step-by-step process that you need to build your legacy and your bank balance.

√ Through sharing stories and experiences you can know the transformation in your life.

√ Why a renewed and refreshed social media vision can make you more effective.

√ Marketing and list building techniques to take your business from zero to money in the bank.

√ Identifying and escaping the top personal mistake that got you scattered and losing business.

√ How to leverage live streaming to connect your brand with influencers and impactors.

Just to name a few!  There is SO much more that you can expect to hear, learn and be empowered.

We invite you to join us and share in our event. Come and discover the proven strategies to master your influence, cultivate and grow your business and see your dreams and ideas turn into reality.

Be sure to act fast and REGISTER, as we have limited space and we anticipate that this event will be sold out. Saturday and Sunday May 20 & 21, 2017 (9am-7pm each day)

There is an incredible lineup of featured and well-known speakers that will give you the insights that you need. Click here for our full list of speakers and be prepared to be wowed!

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